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To support the personal and professional development of our employees, Apple Vision offers a range of training courses under the name “Apple Vision Academy”.

The Apple Vision Academy is open to each and every Apple Vision employee and addresses employee development needs by offering courses focused on soft skills and communication skills, advanced internal process expertise and specialized technical and professional know-how.

The Apple Vision Academy is committed to providing a homogenous curriculum that is taught throughout the Apple Vision Group via development programs which combine professional know-how and key skills.

The Apple Vision Academy Concept

A key principle of the Apple Vision Academy is to further develop the potential of Apple Vision’s employees, and enhance their professional profile.

With training course participants coming from different cultures, countries and Apple Vision office locations, training events offer a great opportunity to build a network of colleagues with similar professional backgrounds yet different career paths.

Development program for Junior Engineers

Development program for Line Managers

Training program for IT Staff

Training program for Experts

Development program for Project Managers

Critical skills for all Employees

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