Apple Vision provides all of the engineering and design services required for the implementation of projects in its business areas. The scope of our engineering and design services covers a wide spectrum and includes the following disciplines:-

Chemical and Process engineering
Oil & Gas engineering
Building & Construction (Civil) engineering
Electrical and Mechanical engineering
Energy engineering
Water and Environmental engineering
Computer Aided Drafting

Successful design and planning comes through a well prepared engineering and design process. Coordination of interdisciplinary engineering interfaces is critical, and Apple Vision uses interdisciplinary reviews to ensure top-quality engineering and design.

Scope of our engineering services:-

  • Pre-conceptual and Feasibility Studies
  • Master Planning
  • Decommissioning Planning
  • Preliminary Design
  • Engineering Drawings, Specifications and Contract Documents
  • Detailed design and visualization
  • Engineering Analyses, Calculations and Costing
  • Preparation of Construction Plans and Drawings
  • Material and Equipment Specifications
  • Preparation of Construction and Technical Specifications
  • Bid Packaging and Solicitation
  • Procurement Support and Expediting
  • Constructability Review and Analysis
  • Operating and Maintenance Manuals
  • Land and hydrographical surveying
  • Construction and Field Engineering Support
  • Civil and Structural assessments and expert opinion
  • Custom mount designs
  • Structure inspections, mappings and analysis reports
  • Structure upgrades designs or retrofit designs

Our engineering and design services cover a wide range of projects including buildings, water systems, bridges, towers, vessels, roads, factory plant and equipment, power generation and transmission systems, renewable energy and HVAC, among others.

We combine engineering expertise and state-of-the-art engineering tools to conceptualize, evaluate, design, and troubleshoot, as we carryout innovation of engineer technical solutions to challenging engineering problems. Apple Vision limited consulting engineers and planners perform ship and facility condition assessments, troubleshoot system and equipment problems, develop innovative and cost-effective solutions, and provide turnkey engineering design support for systems and components. Apple Vision also provides further services if needed such as acquiring all the necessary permits for a project.

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