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Gender, Equality, and Diversity Policy

Apple Vision limited is committed to embrace high level of impartiality and gender inclusion in recruiting a diversified workforce based on merit, fairness and respect. The company is committed to its vision and is driven by its slogan (Excellence Above Worldclass), and so indebted to building a working environment that promotes creativity and innovations from diverse talented people of multifaceted backgrounds in order to produce high quality projects and innovative solutions needed to solve societal challenges. As a humane organization, we embrace the skills, abilities and knowledge from a diverse inclusive and high performing work team.

Our Objectives

What we will do


The GED policy at Apple Vision limited is developed by the board and implemented across all the operations of Apple Vision limited through rules, procedures and guidelines. This policy is reviewed and approved annually or more often as required. The Chief Operations Officer shall act for Apple Vision limited in ensuring that plans are developed and implemented to enable us to achieve the objectives set out in this policy while fulfilling applicable legal, regulatory and other requirements.


Benard Osiron
Founder & Managing Director
17th April 2021

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