Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Statement on Data Protection

Apple Vision limited is concerned in safeguarding the reliability, confidentiality and security of personal data it handles. This privacy policy covers personal data concerning the external stakeholders of Apple Vision limited, they include, clients, contractors, consultants and suppliers contact persons. Therefore, this privacy policy sets out why personal data is collected and how it is handled.

Personal data means any personality identified or personally identifiable information, that’s, information which is traceable directly or indirectly back to a particular individual. This privacy policy aims to inform you of what type of personal data is gathered, how the company uses this data and who has access to it.


Apple Vision limited uses or handles personal data gathered by the company either as a controller or processor. Apple Vision limited is controller of the personal data provided to the company.

Gathering and handling information

Apple Vision limited gathers information on clients, suppliers and other contact persons and is obliged to store such information in accordance with relevant legislation and regulations, contracts and consent from the registered individual or in respect of other legitimate interests of the company.

Apple Vision limited gathers personal data on its clients for three purposes, to afford them access to goods and services in accordance with the provisions of trade contracts, to ensure that services are tailored to their needs and to send them information for marketing purposes.

Apple Vision limited gathers only such information as is needed to provide advice or service at any given time. If a client decides not to provide personal data, Apple Vision limited may not be able to provide the requested service.

Apple Vision limited gathers information from job applicants to assess how well the applicant is suited for a given position and to be able to contact the applicant and their reference providers.

Apple Vision limited keeps a list of recipients of marketing material from the company. Such recipients may request to be removed from this list at any time. Photographs may be taken at company events, which may subsequently be posted on the internet or other media. If any of our events are recorded, efforts are made to inform participants of such at the event itself.

Personal data on clients, suppliers and contact persons used by Apple Vision limited

Apple Vision limited gathers and stores numerous types of personal data on its clients. Numerous types of personal data on you may be gathered depending on whether you are a client of the company itself or whether you represent a legal person transacting business with the company. The information gathered could be names, ID No., e-mail address, telephone number, job title, communication history and e-mail correspondence, accounting information, including VAT number and special invoicing requests.

Besides, Apple Vision limited may also gather and use other types of information provided by clients and customer contact persons and information needed by the company for its operations. Information is chiefly used to draw up formal and informal service contracts with the company’s clients and to discharge obligations deriving from services to clients. Such use is based on our legitimate obligations in ensuring that clients receive good service.

As a rule, Apple Vision limited gets personal data directly from clients or their contact persons. Information can, however, also come from third parties, such as, Credit info, government authorities, courts and other service providers of the client.

Personal data on job applicant used by Apple Vision limited

Applicant’s personal data gathered could include: Name, ID No., gender, nationality, home address, home telephone number, mobile telephone number, personal e-mail address, education, previous employment, CV, introductory letter, reference letters, and photograph, among others.

As a rule, Apple Vision limited gets personal data directly from applicants. Information can, however, also come from third parties, such as, processors and consultancy agencies.

While their application is still in Apple Vision limited recruitment system, applicants may at any time log in and update the information which has been registered. Job applications and all applicant personal data are deleted six months after the application is received or is updated. Applicants can at any time sen an e-mail to and ask for their data to be deleted.

Disclosure of personal data

Apple Vision limited does not use personal data for any other purpose that that for which it was gathered. The company does not keep personal data any longer than is deemed necessary, in accordance with relevant legislation, regulations or provisions of contracts entered into by the company.

Apple Vision limited discloses information to third parties only with legal authorization, with the consent of the individual in question or in accordance with the provisions of contracts entered into by the company. Apple Vision limited is authorized to share personal data with third parties 9processors), who are service providers or contractors of the company for the purpose of completing a project of providing clients with a service of product under contract. Apple Vision limited provides processors only with such personal data as is deemed necessary to achieve this objective.

Where processors or other third parties are given access to personal data, Apple Vision limited safeguards confidentiality and ensures that the data in question is deleted once processing is completed. Apple Vision limited does not lease or sell your personal data.

Data security

Apple Vision limited places great emphasis on ensuring that personal data is stored securely. Apple Vision limited ensures that the relevant technical and organizational security measures are in place to guarantee that data is handled securely at any given time.

Apple Vision limited privacy policy is reviewed regularly and it is company policy that it should be clear and concise on how the company gathers personal data and for what purposes it is used. Apple Vision limited reserves the right to amend this policy at any time, without notice. Any questions regarding the handling of personal data and Apple Vision limited privacy policy should be sent by e-mail to

Benard Osiron
Founder & Managing Director
17th April 2021

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