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Tunnel Design & Tunnel Engineering

Building, Transportation & Urban Spaces Tunnel Design & Tunnel Engineering Rapid urban development and the need to protect the environment make it necessary to build more traffic routes and industrial plants underground. For the success of a project, it is critical to choose a technically safe construction method that is still economically viable. Apple Vision […]
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Building, Transportation & Urban Spaces Urban Transportation Increasing mobility needs coupled with calls for environmental protections and conservation of natural resources is bringing railway transport back into the spotlight. While the construction of high-speed railway lines is geared towards passenger transport, the upgrade and rehabilitation of existing standard and narrow gauge lines is aimed at […]
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Urban Design Evolution

Building, Transportation & Urban Spaces Urban Design Evolution Seizing opportunities for the ever-growing demand for digitalization in the AEC industry has become one of the sector’s biggest challenges. Through the development of in-house trend-setting applications and design solutions for urban infrastructure projects, Apple Vision strives to achieve higher quality, faster delivery cycles and higher reliability […]
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Urban Development

Building, Transportation & Urban Spaces Urban Development Whether on a regional, city or district level, Greenfield and urban transformation projects depend on sustainable infrastructure systems to become viable and attractive. From water and energy supply, to mobility and waste management, infrastructure systems constitute the cornerstones of urban developments, providing an environment around which many people’s […]
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Building, Transportation & Urban Spaces Roads As society grows more dependent on private motorized transport, roads – from access roads to motorways become the central element of a modern traffic and transport system. Currently, the design and construction of roads requires not only technical expertise but also special environmental awareness, and as such constitutes an […]
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Building, Transportation & Urban Spaces Buildings The broad spectrum of building projects allows Apple Vision to be open to serving every client and their needs. What’s more, it enhances Apple Vision’s prospects of continuing development and expanding experience in the field of new technologies. Apple Vision’s team designs and delivers very complex and interesting projects, […]
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Building, Transportation & Urban Spaces Structures Modern infrastructure in the areas of traffic and transport, as well as supply and disposal (such as, water, energy and/or data) forms the basis for cooperation and coexistence. In times of constantly growing demand for resources and mobility in our globally networked world, very high and complex demands are […]
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