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Energy Storage

Energy & Climate Protection Energy Storage The progressive cost reduction of renewable energy technologies has created an unstoppable growth in the demand for Renewable Energy Sources (RESs) at a global level. The intermittent nature of RESs, however, causes network planning and network stability issues for energy system operators. To overcome these issues, new energy storage […]
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Power Transmission & Distribution

Energy & Climate Protection Power Transmission & Distribution Energy is a valuable asset! Sustainable utilization of this resource is based on two premises: efficient, environmentally friendly energy generation in modern power plants and safe, low-loss transmission of electricity and heat from power plants to consumers using highly efficient transport and distribution systems. Apple Vision offers […]
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Hybrid Power

Energy & Climate Protection Hybrid Power The trend to decentralized, modular and flexible solutions has been gaining momentum in industrial and residential applications and in remote, unconnected communities. This development facilitates the integration of local renewable energy resources (wind, solar, biogas), base-load/back-up units (diesel, biomass) and storage facilities (e.g. battery storage) into a properly controlled, […]
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Energy & Climate Protection Hydrogen To meet the climate targets set out by the Paris 2015 Agreement, namely further decreasing CO2 emissions, it is necessary to increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix and to replace fossil fuels at a progressive rate. Hydrogen has the great advantage that it cannot only be […]
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Thermal Power

Energy & Climate Protection Thermal Power Modern power plants running on fossil fuels transform primary energy sources such as coal, oil, gas, industrial residues, and municipal waste into heat, steam, or electrical energy. Apple Vision provides ambitious clients with a full scope of services from feasibility studies to start-up and commissioning. Throughout the entire life […]
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Energy & Climate Protection Hydropower The expansion of hydropower as a reliable, sustainable and long-term cost efficient source of energy is experiencing a renaissance in many regions. Apple Vision actively helps shape this expansion by managing customized projects of any type and size. As a one-stop shop Apple Vision provides integrated, interdisciplinary services for hydropower […]
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Wind Power

Energy & Climate Protection Wind Power Wind is one of the oldest power sources used by mankind. The wind industry is a large and growing sector with a supply chain that produces thousands of component parts and a service sector that is increasingly advanced in its use of technology to design turbines, set up wind […]
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Solar Power

Energy & Climate Protection Solar Power Solar energy, while abundant and readily available, did not play a substantial role in the energy supply mix in the past as the costs of converting it into electricity were too high for it to be attractive. Yet, a growing awareness of environmental pollution and its consequences has sparked […]
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