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Oil & Gas Industry Refining The world we live in today has been shaped by crude oil, a natural resource. Being an economical primary energy carrier with high energy density, it has improved wealth and provided accessibility to energy intensive products at reasonable prices. Looking to the future, refinery operators will have to prepare for […]
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Tank Farms & Terminals

Oil & Gas Industry Tank Farms & Terminals Consulting services, design, project management, and site supervision for the construction of tank farms and terminals comprise an important market segment for Apple Vision. Areas of Expertise: Storage tanks for crude oil and chemicals Finished products LPG and LNG Bio fuels, chemicals, and additives Loading and unloading […]
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Oil & Gas Industry Pipelines Apple Vision offers large pipeline systems designs for both onshore and offshore, including pumping stations, compressor stations, storage, and loading facilities. Apple designs large pipeline systems and provides project management services throughout their implementation. Apple Vision offers all the required technical disciplines and project management services in house. Areas of […]
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Underground Storage

Oil & Gas Industry Underground Storage In the energy industry, the storage of natural gas is important both to provide strategic reserves and to meet peak load demands. The simulation of all injection and withdrawal processes involved in the operation of gas storage facilities, the optimization of all plant components, the implementation of short switching […]
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Oil & Gas Industry Upstream The efficient, safe, and environmentally compatible production and treatment of oil and gas are critical in industry. Apple Vision offers a complete spectrum of design and project management services for production facilities, both onshore and offshore. Areas of Expertise: Onshore/offshore oil and gas production systems including: Field gathering and distribution […]
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Plant Operations Support Services

Manufacturing Industry Plant Operations Support Services At Apple Vision, we provide plant operations support to operating and newly launched companies. Furthermore, process engineering staff augmentation can be provided for operating facilities within reasonable commuting distance from our offices. Process evaluation, troubleshooting, and optimization Debottlenecking Control system startup, tuning, optimization Commissioning and startup assistance Existing operations […]
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Process Safety Management (PSM)

Manufacturing Industry Process Safety Management (PSM) Apple Vision limited provides process safety and risk management services for various process industries to ensure compliance with quality and safety standards. We develop safety and risk management systems that help you to avoid damage, and reduce hazards whilst complying with local, state, and federal regulations. Our far-reaching industry […]
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Process Design Services

Manufacturing Industry Process Design Services Conceptual and preliminary process design services This is the first step in designing a manufacturing process where process goal and the technical options are identified. Apple Vision limited provides our clients with expert chemical engineers to determine current challenges and provide sustainable solutions for any process. Our process design services […]
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New Factory Start-Up Project Management

Manufacturing Industry New Factory Start-Up Project Management At Apple Vision, effective implementation of a new factory project is performed through collaboration, planning, and hands-on involvement. Large-scale projects including factory construction, equipment installations, commissioning, qualifications and validations, preparation of operating procedures, plant automation, and software implementations require constant supervision and monitoring to ensure success. Our goal […]
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Industrial Manufacturing Plant Layouts and Design

Manufacturing Industry Industrial Manufacturing Plant Layouts and Design Apple Vision uses Systematic Layout Planning as the pillar of facility-based projects. Our design process involves client engagement throughout the project, beginning with preliminary assessment of proposed space. Our consultants facilitate the selection of an appropriately sized site and building based on programming needs and growth expectations.¬†Detailed […]
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