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Building, Transportation & Urban Spaces

Building, Transportation & Urban Spaces The quality of life of our society is impacted by the quality of our building complexes and building structures. Optimized communication projects and traffic and transport projects that are sustainable and environmentally friendly meet our growing need for information, mobility, and transport. Apple Vision is committed to promoting engineering excellence […]
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Manufacturing, Oil & Gas Industry

Manufacturing Industry Apple Vision limited is committed to be at the forefront in promoting domestication of manufacturing industries in Uganda and Africa as a whole. Our team of engineers and planners is skilled and experienced at taking your project from concept to operational sustainability, and clearly understands the current challenges facing local manufacturers in Uganda. […]
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Water & Environment

Water & Environment With an ever increasing population and a rise in urbanization and infrastructure development, water and environmental issues, culminating also in changes to our climate, are some of the main obstacles facing today’s world. In line with its corporate sustainability objectives, Apple Vision strives to create better living conditions and improve the quality […]
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