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Environmental Training

Water & Environment Environmental Training Apple Vision employs a team of highly experienced specialists providing a wide range of professional services relating to environmental affairs. Apple Vision specialists also speak at conferences and symposiums and take part in organizing short courses on a wide range of environmental issues.   Constant employee training is important for Apple […]
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Environmental Risk Assessments

Water & Environment Environmental Risk Assessments Apple Vision has extensive experience and knowledge in risk assessments and offers comprehensive services in the field of environmental risk consulting. Major risk assessment projects have been carried out for fire safety, tunnel construction as well as various kinds of industrial projects, such as petrol stations, waste disposal plants […]
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Environmental Monitoring

Water & Environment Environmental Monitoring Apple Vision offers services in various types of environmental monitoring, preparation and supervision of monitoring programs, environmental reporting to authorities and investigations related to polluting operations and projects subject to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The company‘s environmental specialists also provide follow-up consultation on impacts after construction is concluded. Apple Vision offers various types […]
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Environmental Management

Water & Environment Environmental Management Most industrial organizations are required to monitor the environmental impact of their operations according to terms and conditions defined in permits and find solutions to minimize pollution.  Apple Vision offers services in the application of various kinds of permits, environmental management, preparation of licenses and monitoring programs for large industrial […]
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Environmental Investigation

Water & Environment Environmental Investigation Apple Vision specializes in environmental investigations, measurements and research. Services include geodetic surveys, hydrology, geology, geography, chemistry and acoustical measurements. The company employs a team of highly experienced specialists as well as all of the requisite tools, instruments and measuring equipment necessary to carry out a wide variety of projects. Apple Vision also offers […]
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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Water & Environment Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Apple Vision is at the forefront of the consulting firms that work on Environmental Impact Assessments, and Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). The main activities related to EIA are in the field of heavy industry, hydropower and geothermal power plants, transmission lines, […]
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Urban Water Systems

Water & Environment Urban Water Systems The vast majority of the world’s population today is living in an urbanized environment and the trend of people moving to cities continues to grow. Thus a large proportion of human water consumption and wastewater discharge occurs in urban space. Raw or treated water, often supplied from remote sources, […]
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Environmental and Safety Management

Water & Environment Environmental and Safety Management Environmental and safety management systematically manages the requirements of the organization and its projects with respect to environment, safety and occupational safety. Organizations are increasingly integrating environmental and safety management with other aspects of company management, such as quality management. Apple Vision works according to quality, environmental and […]
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Industrial Water

Water & Environment Industrial Water In industries, water is used in many different process streams. A consistent water quality is often decisive for stable production conditions and product quality. When water is leaving the industrial cycle, it has to be treated to meet environmental standards. In situations of industrial expansion with finite water resources and […]
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Water & Environment Desalination Projects to desalinize seawater to provide drinking and industrial water are frequently constructed as integrated power generation and sea water desalination plants. In this context it is very important to select and optimize plant configuration and technology for the desalination process. This applies in particular to privately financed projects in public-private […]
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