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Environmental and Safety Management

Environmental and safety management systematically manages the requirements of the organization and its projects with respect to environment, safety and occupational safety. Organizations are increasingly integrating environmental and safety management with other aspects of company management, such as quality management.

Apple Vision works according to quality, environmental and safety management system standards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. These standards lead to more effective operation and management of projects, leading to higher quality of work and reduced accidents, costly environmental clean ups, among others. Also, the environmental and safety management systems have led to increased environmental and safety awareness among employees in design and consulting and other daily activities in and out of the workplace.

Benefits of Environmental and Safety Management

The benefits of incorporating environmental and safety management systems are significant. Managing the requirements systematically reduces risk, lowers operating cost and improves overall performance. This in turn leads to increased customer trust, as well as the organization’s image and the health and safety of employees.

Incorporating an environmental and safety management program involves the following:

 Strategic planning

At the beginning a policy is formed and document for the areas of concern. Apple Vision assists organizations in shaping policy and goals and guides the company in reaching these goals.


Apple Vision assists companies in analyzing the current state of affairs in respect to safety, occupational and environmental aspects and requirements that apply to the relevant activities. This assistance includes all legal requirements and permits, and any requirements that the organization is bound to fulfill due to internal policies or agreements with customers or suppliers.




Based on the results from the analysis, Apple Vision offers consulting and services regarding documentation of procedures and instructions to minimize operational risk and improve performance in the areas of concern.

In order to maintain effective systems, the systems must be based on the following:

  • Continuous Improvement and Training

To implement new procedures in companies, training and education of employees is important. This ensures the new systems are effective for the future and that improvements are constantly worked on in order to improve the organization‘s performance. Apple Vision assists in organizing and representing training and education to employees and provides consulting regarding work safety and environmentally friendly solutions.

  • Monitoring and performance evaluation

Performance evaluations are essential in order to maintain best practices and constant improvements. Apple Vision offers performance monitoring consulting and assists in creating an annual report regarding the company‘s performance in operating environmental and/or safety management systems.

Are safety and environmental matters alright at your organization?

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