Environmental Risk Assessments

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Environmental Risk Assessments

Apple Vision has extensive experience and knowledge in risk assessments and offers comprehensive services in the field of environmental risk consulting. Major risk assessment projects have been carried out for fire safety, tunnel construction as well as various kinds of industrial projects, such as petrol stations, waste disposal plants and more.

Risk assessment seeks to identify the risks relevant to activities. Such assessment is the basis for further measures to reduce the risks associated with the least cost. Apple Vision specializes in multidisciplinary services in the field of environmental risk assessment that ensures our customers less risky and more efficient developments.

Risk assessment is generally divided into three stages:

  • Identify risks, what can go wrong?
  • Risk analysis, hazard analysis, what can happen, what are the chances and what are the consequences?
  • Risk assessment, is risk within limits or not?

Apple Vision provides risk assessment for water protection areas, for projects within nature conservation areas and for potential wild fires (vegetation, bush and forest). The assessment goal is to find solutions to reduce the risk or prevent the negative effects of activities or projects.

The main services associated with environmental risk consulting:

  • Risk assessment
  • Risk analysis
  • Reviews and supervision
  • Cartography
  • Counseling and follow-up
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