Industrial Water

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Industrial Water

In industries, water is used in many different process streams. A consistent water quality is often decisive for stable production conditions and product quality. When water is leaving the industrial cycle, it has to be treated to meet environmental standards.

In situations of industrial expansion with finite water resources and costly supply, the importance of solutions considering the “three Rs” – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – is growing. These solutions can bring about significant cost savings for industrial operations. With an in-depth understanding of the water standards required for the respective applications and the best available technologies to achieve them, Apple Vision supports its clients to optimize their industrial water cycles and to identify reuse and recycling routes.

The requirements for on-site water treatment but also for wastewater-specific treatment have a considerable impact on the production costs in many industrial plants. In addition to financing and operating costs, simple handling, high reliability and a long service life are of decisive importance to Apple Vision’s clients.

Areas of Expertise

  • Raw water treatment – precipitation, flocculation, filtration, desalination, disinfection
  • Treatment for process use – softening, demineralization, oil and grease removal
  • Water reuse and closed-loop cycles solutions
  • Optimization of on-site water cycles
  • Energy and resource efficiency and recovery solutions
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