Manufacturing, Oil & Gas Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Apple Vision limited is committed to be at the forefront in promoting domestication of manufacturing industries in Uganda and Africa as a whole. Our team of engineers and planners is skilled and experienced at taking your project from concept to operational sustainability, and clearly understands the current challenges facing local manufacturers in Uganda.

Chemicals and petrochemicals have enabled the creation of novel materials and products in countless manufacturing industries and other fields such as agriculture, communication, and transportation. Petrochemicals are the foundation of virtually every modern industry and form a vital part of our lives. Objects, which make life easy and comfortable – such as cars, computers, cell phones, children’s toys, household cleaning products, and fertilizers and pharmaceutical drugs – are derived from petrochemicals.

Gold, Iron, ferroalloys and non-ferrous metals are needed in most industrial and consumer products today. Whether it be for gold, iron, nickel, copper, lithium or other elements, Apple Vision provides a number of tailor-made solutions for extraction which are both socially and environmentally acceptable.

Whilst planning these solutions, Apple Vision focuses especially on optimized operation and maintenance, and making efficient use of energy and water. Good water management, one of Apple Vision’s key competencies, is of utmost importance in mining. Together with partners, Apple Vision is also able to deliver all the engineering services required for the mining industry.

Apple Vision guides its clients in developing new, innovative solutions for value creating hydrocarbons that can be integrated into proven engineering concepts.

Finding ways to convert the precious hydrocarbon resource into a sustainable value chain loop for further generations is one of Apple Vision’s strongest ambitions.

When modernizing industrial production facilities, the most important goals are to improve energy and material efficiency, optimize processes and make warehousing and logistics cost-efficient. The main challenge whilst pursuing these goals is the optimization of the human-machine interface using secure IoT solutions.

At Apple Vision, we provide integrated engineering services that will ensure effective reliability and sustainability of the industrial manufacturing sector in Uganda. Our aim is to provide optimal solutions that balance capital cost, operating cost, quality, time, flexibility and sustainability. We scale-up from bench scale to pilot plant to full scale plant.

Apple Vision focuses on the following business areas:

Industrial Manufacturing Plant Master Planning
Industrial Manufacturing Plant layouts and Design
New factory start-up
Plant/Process Automation
Process Design (Front-end engineering)
Process Safety/Risk Management
Process and System Improvement - Sustainability
Plant Operations Support

Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas are energy sources integral to almost all aspects of our modern industrial society. Without these resources and the products made from them, daily life as we know it would not be possible. Design and consulting services for oil and gas projects are a core focus of Apple Vision.

Apple Vision focuses on the following business areas:

Underground Storage
Tank Farms & Terminals
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