Process Design Services

Manufacturing Industry

Process Design Services

  1. Conceptual and preliminary process design services

This is the first step in designing a manufacturing process where process goal and the technical options are identified. Apple Vision limited provides our clients with expert chemical engineers to determine current challenges and provide sustainable solutions for any process. Our process design services use front-end loading systems that are designed to significantly improve process operations. We develop conceptual designs that include:-

  • Process feasibility studies
  • Process flow diagrams (PFDs)
  • Mass and energy balances
  • Required equipment
  • Technical and economic evaluation
  • Process alternatives evaluations
  • Preliminary capital/investment cost estimates

2.      Detailed process design services

At this stage, we develop process design packages aimed at minimizing process risks while achieving the level of efficiency, reliability, and safety according to project owner’s requirements. Each one of our engineering packages includes detailed information about the process design and development, such as a process design basis, datasheets, and reports, among others. Typical design services include:-

  • Process simulation
  • PFDs & PIDs
  • Process control design
  • Equipment specifications
  • List of equipment, lines, and instruments
  • Process control diagrams
  • Process design cost estimates (Capital and operating costs)
  • Process operating manuals and operating procedures
  • Relief device sizing and flare system design

Apple Vision limited uses licensed commercial process simulation software (CHEMCAD, Aspen Hysys, Aspen Plus, Pro/II, Simsci) and in-house simulation programs to perform:

  • Detailed mass and energy balances
  • Unit operation design/evaluation
  • Piping system hydraulics calculations
  • Relief and flare system design/evaluation
  • Heat exchanger design/evaluation
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