Building, Transportation & Urban Spaces


As society grows more dependent on private motorized transport, roads – from access roads to motorways become the central element of a modern traffic and transport system.

Currently, the design and construction of roads requires not only technical expertise but also special environmental awareness, and as such constitutes an essential prerequisite for the feasibility of road and motorway projects. The design and construction of roads require expertise and environmental awareness, and they are critical to the feasibility of road and motorway engineering projects. Apple Vision renders design and consulting services for many successful construction and rehabilitation projects.

Apple Vision ensures overall project success by integrating qualified experts, available mostly in-house, into the design team. Apple Vision also organizes and conducts public relations activities alongside other experienced professionals after contract award.

Fields of Expertise:

  • Motorways
  • Trunk roads
  • Urban roads
  • Access points
  • Crossings
  • Toll systems
  • Traffic management systems
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