Thermal Power

Energy & Climate Protection

Thermal Power

Modern power plants running on fossil fuels transform primary energy sources such as coal, oil, gas, industrial residues, and municipal waste into heat, steam, or electrical energy.

Apple Vision provides ambitious clients with a full scope of services from feasibility studies to start-up and commissioning. Throughout the entire life cycle of a project, Apple Vision supports its clients in designing and implementing key processes that are essential to the success of the project. These services include due diligence studies, general and interdisciplinary project management, conceptual design, environmental impact assessment, procurement documents, basic and detailed design, material procurement, site management (including construction supervision), project completion, and start-up and commissioning.

Apple Vision renders all these services for utility-scale power plants and power generation systems for offshore and onshore facilities along large pipeline systems. Apple Vision has comprehensive expertise in the implementation of privately and publicly financed projects as well as diverse types of models for public-private partnerships. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Conventional power plants for all fuels
  • Combined heat and power plants
  • Waste incineration plants
  • Biomass combined heat and power plants
  • Combined power and desalination plants
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