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Urban Development

Whether on a regional, city or district level, Greenfield and urban transformation projects depend on sustainable infrastructure systems to become viable and attractive. From water and energy supply, to mobility and waste management, infrastructure systems constitute the cornerstones of urban developments, providing an environment around which many people’s lives are centered.

Apple Vision uses expert engineers and planners in providing consulting and engineering for urban infrastructure projects. It is not only this endeavor that makes Apple a perfect partner, but also Apple Vision’s tireless efforts to seize the opportunities brought about by digitalization, transform design approaches and create extensive opportunities.

Digital competence at Apple Vision is pooled together under the term “Urban design evolution”, which summarizes the work of engineers focused on developing tailor-made digital solutions that foster state-of-the-art design approaches and provide measureable benefits for Apple Vision’s clients. Through the provision of such digital solutions, Apple Vision is able to implement the highest standards of sustainability, resilience and smart technology in its projects.

The vast experience of Apple Vision’s world-class experts combined with their in-house design solutions enables Apple Vision to provide digital best practice in urban development. The well-founded specialist knowledge and wealth of experience of planners is decisive and irreplaceable when it comes to using digitalization tools in a sensible, efficient and targeted way.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Urban Infrastructure Master Plans
  • Urban Design Evolution

Urban Infrastructure Master Plans

In line with clients’ visions for Greenfield or urban transformation/regeneration projects, Apple Vision undertakes master planning for the infrastructures which are necessary to create livable urban environments on any scale. From energy supply to mobility concepts, Apple Vision provides technical solutions with a constant focus on operational, economic and legal aspects.

Master plans are the first step to transforming urban development visions into reality. Well-founded knowledge of project and stakeholder expectations is critical in the master planning process, especially for the delivery of tailor-made solutions. Having been involved in hundreds of urban infrastructure projects, Apple Vision knows how to meet the respective requirements, and provides the cornerstones for the implementation of urban design master plans through the production of urban infrastructure master plans.

Already in the master planning stage, Apple Vision’s design approaches are geared towards delivering digital twins of projects as an integral basis for further design development. These digital twins enable simulations to be run, all project-related data to be managed and design works to be coordinated.

Current trends show that delivering digital twins of projects will play a decisive role in the AEC industry in coming years. Urban environments will undergo constant, data-driven optimization in terms of their performance (such as, social and ecological performance) in order to improve the quality of life for mankind based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Creating digital twins of urban environments, based on vast data processing (using AI) and simulation techniques applied during master planning will be the basis of this optimization, as realistic performance forecasts become possible.

Specialized Services for Urban Infrastructure Master Plans:

  • Infrastructure Master Planning
  • Infrastructure Project Framing
  • Transport Master Planning
  • Utility Master Planning
  • Energy Supply Master Planning
  • Technical Site Investigations
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