Water & Environment

Water & Environment

With an ever increasing population and a rise in urbanization and infrastructure development, water and environmental issues, culminating also in changes to our climate, are some of the main obstacles facing today’s world. In line with its corporate sustainability objectives, Apple Vision strives to create better living conditions and improve the quality of life worldwide.

In many parts of our planet, water is already a scarce commodity and demand exceeds current supply. Water has thus become a limiting factor in the stable development of many countries. Our environment is at the core of all our experiences, and as such, Apple Vision regards the environment as something which touches everyone and everything.

Apple Vision is committed to delivering both tangible and sustainable solutions to dissolve the challenges of water & environment. This is done by embracing project-related challenges, complying with all country-specific laws, applying international guidelines and regulations, engaging in discerning discussions and imparting our own innovative inputs.

Apple Vision focuses on the following business areas:

Water engineering

Water Treatment
Wastewater Treatment
Industrial Water
Water Transmission
Urban Water Systems

Environmental engineering

Environmental and Safety Management
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Environmental Investigation
Environmental Management
Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Risk Assessment
Environmental Training
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