Sheba Tayahwe

Sheba Tayahwe

Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager

Sheba Tayahwe is the company’s Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager. She started her legal practice as a legal assistant with M/s Anthonny Ahimbisbwe Advocates & Solicitors. She is now a legal associate with M/s Oculus Advocates. Working with the aforementioned law firms has exposed her to rigorous and extensive legal practice, from which she has developed expertise in corporate law covering diverse areas ranging from corporate governance to compliance with legal requirements. She is proficient in advisory, formulation, execution and enforcement of commercial and land transactions.

She strongly advocates for a preventive approach to dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution. She is thus instrumental in ensuring optimal management of legal risk in ways that curb the sprouting of disputes and/or tedious litigation all together.

She has a penchant for extensive research and has kept abreast with the ever-evolving legal regimes and policies on diverse matters. This is complimented by her ability to interpret and apply her knowledge to solving, mitigating and preventing real-life problems.

She holds a Bachelor (Hons) of Laws (LLB) from Makerere University, a Diploma in Legal Practice from Law Development Centre (LDC) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Makerere University. She is also a member of the Uganda Law Society and East African Law Society.

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