Quality Management System (QMS) and Compliance

In today’s intense and increasingly competitive market, companies in every industry are constantly challenged. They need to deal with global suppliers, short operating margins, and strict regulations, in addition to managing both risks and the increasing pressure to accelerate time to market. Quality Management Systems (QMS) are critical to show compliance with the regulations and GxP […]
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Operation & Maintenance Consulting

Optimized plant operation and proactive maintenance as well as excellent design and project implementation are preconditions for the long-term success of industrial and infrastructure projects. Aging plant infrastructure, and changing demands and targets of plant operation pose a constant challenge that requires flexible and professional teams, processes and programs. Our Services Apple Vision offers operation […]
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Institutional Analysis & Strengthening

Organizational weaknesses are bottlenecks in achieving goals. Institutional strengthening addresses the internal relations and the institutional framework of an organization. Following a thorough analysis of the status quo, core functions are optimized. Institutional strengthening is a dynamic process where flexibility, learning and adjusting to changing circumstances are absolutely necessary. This implies a continuous iterative development […]
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Operational Excellence

Situation diagnosis Today, the business environment is constantly changing, that’s, competition is immense and constantly increasing, technology is constantly changing, customer preferences are continuously changing, regulatory strictness is growing very high, and yet profit margins are constantly diminishing with increasing uncertainties. Given the above situation, modern organizations ought to constantly develop innovative solutions in order […]
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Project Screening

Even the best planning and implementation of a project cannot rectify the mistakes made in the preceding screening process. Selecting projects carefully and diligently according to clearly defined goals holds the greatest optimization potential when creating new infrastructure. In order to be able to select the most suitable projects from planned undertakings, goal-oriented criteria have […]
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Risk & Business Impact Analysis

Apple Vision will assess the criticality of your organization’s business processes and determine the impact and consequences of loss of service or a reduction in normal customer service levels.  Key Business Processes are those that, under any circumstances, could not be outsourced to a third-party vendor or organization. The analysis will contain information on the […]
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Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Apple Vision provides business continuity services. Our work decreases the likelihood of disruptive instances and ensures proactive crisis management for organizations of all industries. Once a business continuity or disaster recovery plan is created, it must receive regular attention through testing, updating, and maintenance. Apple Vison can design an ongoing maintenance plan for your organization’s […]
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Lender’s Engineer

Project financing is a key element of investments in the industry and infrastructure sector. In general, a project developer seeks to finance a significant part of the construction costs by borrowing through a special purpose vehicle, which tends to take the legal form of a limited liability company. For this reason financiers need a comprehensive […]
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Transaction Advisory & Due Diligence Analyses

Any major investment decision on either a Greenfield or brownfield site requires a thorough analysis of complex issues, such as capital investment, operational expenditure, commercial, contractual and regulatory aspects. Furthermore, environmental performance as well as efficiency and dependability of related supply chains are important criteria for investment decisions. Clients interested in transactions will require proper […]
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Financial & Tax Advisory Services

Financial Advisory Services The global effort to achieve higher standards of living necessitates continuous improvement and expansion of infrastructure and industry, and meeting this challenge requires huge investments. The process of screening and selecting suitable financing opportunities for these projects is a major issue worldwide and requires a multidisciplinary understanding of the respective framework conditions. […]
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