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Project Management

Professional development isn’t a one-time thing; it should be a continuous part of your project management career. Make it a priority to assess and improve your skill set, and you’ll increase your value to your organization and enhance your future career prospects. While technical skills are core to project and program management, PMI research tells […]
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Chemical Process Modeling and Simulation

We tailor our chemical process design & modeling & simulation and implementation services to the specific requirements of our clients. In other words, our solutions will be practical and uniquely tailored to your individual requirements. Our services can range from a simple phone consulting to a full plant & process design through startup, optimization, retrofit, upgrade […]
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Disaster Risk Management

One of the most decisive factors for the successful development, construction and operation of infrastructure systems is the assessment and management of natural hazards, such as, erosion, slope instabilities (landslides), flooding and seismic hazards which are often consequences of climate change. When developing and designing engineering projects, it is of utmost importance to assess various […]
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Sustainable planning, strategies & assessments

In the short to medium term, all industry practices will have to become more sustainability. That is why it is necessary to develop green strategies and sustainability action plans for energy, water, waste, construction, as well as infrastructure and transport businesses. Role of Apple Vision In its fields of activity, Apple Vision helps clients businesses to […]
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Climate Change Management

By signing the Paris Agreement (COP 21) in 2015, the international community of states made a commitment under international law to limit the anthropogenic, global warming to well below 2 °C above pre-industrial levels. In order to achieve these levels, ambitious climate change goals aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions will be required worldwide. These […]
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Environmental & Social Management

Sustainable project realization has become a key aspect for planning and realizing large-scale infrastructure projects. Laws, international conventions, bank standards, and corporate principles demand that the potential negative impacts of a project are identified, addressed, and adequately mitigated. In order to ensure the environmental and social compatibility of a project, an Environmental and Social Impact […]
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Urban & Environmental Planning

The decisive criteria for implementing complex projects are their funding and their likelihood of receiving authority approval. Availability of funding and the ability to gain authority approval determine the feasibility of these complex projects. A project’s environmental compatibility is of special importance. Close cooperation between environmental specialists and engineers in the initial stage of a […]
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Risk & Safety Management

Due to historic, large-scale accidents, the risk inherent to infrastructure and industrial projects in general has become the focus of public attention. This has resulted in more stringent risk and safety standards for structures and facilities, and it has led to risk and safety specific investigations and verifications being required as early as at the […]
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Energy Concepts

The increasing environmental awareness of society, industry and politics requires new avenues of energy production, transmission and distribution. Energy consultancy serves to analyze and structure infrastructure plans to develop them into profitable and energy-efficient investment projects. Taking an interdisciplinary approach contributes significantly to ensuring the success of an energy investment project. Role of Apple Vision […]
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Events Planning and Management

We perform all the roles of both event planning company and event management company through providing integrated event management services tailored to suit all types of your business marketing, advertising, branding, conferences, birthday parties, graduation, tourism, and all sorts of functions and ceremonies. Our approach for event management services is acting like a real business partner who exerts […]
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