Climate Change Management

By signing the Paris Agreement (COP 21) in 2015, the international community of states made a commitment under international law to limit the anthropogenic, global warming to well below 2 °C above pre-industrial levels. In order to achieve these levels, ambitious climate change goals aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions will be required worldwide. These goals can only by achieved by a gradual transition to a low-carbon economy and society. The sustainable economic transition process is intrinsically linked to the innovative capacity of the companies involved.

Role of Apple Vision

At Apple Vision, climate protection is of great importance for all business areas and company services. Apple Vision’s scope of services is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, utilizing renewable energy, and improving energy efficiency.

In pursuit of these objectives, Apple Vision focuses on projects that contribute directly or indirectly to climate protection and to a sustainable development, on projects that seek to implement sustainable, low-emission measures, and on projects that strive to optimize operating conditions by using energy-efficient system and building technology and resource-efficient consumer goods.

Benefits to Clients

At Apple Vision, great emphasis is placed on taking an integrated approach to projects over their entire life cycle. The prime objective from the design to the operation of a plant and infrastructure facility is to increase the energy efficiency and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In this context, when conducting environmental and social impact assessments, it is essential to take into account the laws and the financial institutions’ requirements that have been modified as a consequence of climate change. Apple Vision’s key advantage in this respect is its ability to cover all disciplines with its own in-house experts.

Apple Vision offers the following services in the field of Greenhouse Gas Reduction:

  • Design of facilities for greenhouse-gas-free generation and storage of energy
  • Energy optimization of new and existing facilities and buildings
  • Consulting services for the preparation of traffic management concepts focusing on the minimization of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Consulting services for the construction and operation of facilities and structures focusing on the use of resources with a low carbon footprint.
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