Environmental & Social Management

Sustainable project realization has become a key aspect for planning and realizing large-scale infrastructure projects. Laws, international conventions, bank standards, and corporate principles demand that the potential negative impacts of a project are identified, addressed, and adequately mitigated.

In order to ensure the environmental and social compatibility of a project, an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) is undertaken to evaluate the potential impacts of a planned project on its physical, biological, and social environment. An ESIA also develops mitigation measures to avoid, reduce, or compensate for these impacts. This assessment is an integral part of a project and provides support to decision makers during project planning.

An appropriate impact assessment assures compliance with legal and lender requirements. It also leads to improved corporate reputation, compliance with corporate ethical standards, and more cost-efficient project realization due to reduced non-technical risks. In this context, stakeholder engagement is integral to achieving acceptable results for all involved parties, thereby promoting good corporate citizenship.

Apple Vision:

  • Offers a global network of experts with long-term experience with the environmental and social sustainability aspects that might arise during the life cycle of a project
  • Plans projects with integrated teams of engineering experts as well as environmental and social specialists
  • Provides environmental and social assessment and permitting services associated with one-stop shop engineering services throughout the whole project life cycle
  • Addresses and manages significant points of concern at an early stage in the planning phase

Apple Vision’s services regarding the Environmental and Social Management encompass:

  • Project management
  • Project design
  • Permitting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) according to national standards
  • ESIAs according to international standards
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Review services and gap analyses
  • Due diligence studies
  • Ecological construction supervision and site management
  • Air pollution investigation
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