Financial & Tax Advisory Services

Financial Advisory Services

The global effort to achieve higher standards of living necessitates continuous improvement and expansion of infrastructure and industry, and meeting this challenge requires huge investments. The process of screening and selecting suitable financing opportunities for these projects is a major issue worldwide and requires a multidisciplinary understanding of the respective framework conditions.

Our Financial Advisory Services

Apple Vision offers financial advisory services in the business areas of Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Mining, Energy & Climate Protection, Water & Environment, Transportation & Structures, and Food & Beverages industry. Apple Vision supports public and private clients with a wide range of services, including financial and economic analyses, project evaluation and structured financing.

Benefits of Our Financial Advisory Services to Clients

Apple Vision’s financing experts work in close cooperation with other in-house experts covering the disciplines of engineering, project management, legal advice, and environmental and social impact assessment. This multi-disciplinary working environment facilitates the general understanding of a project, which is a precondition for state-of-the-art financial advisory services throughout the entire life cycle of an infrastructure project. Having all competences in-house ensures a smooth transition between financing and all other disciplines.

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