Institutional Analysis & Strengthening

Organizational weaknesses are bottlenecks in achieving goals. Institutional strengthening addresses the internal relations and the institutional framework of an organization. Following a thorough analysis of the status quo, core functions are optimized. Institutional strengthening is a dynamic process where flexibility, learning and adjusting to changing circumstances are absolutely necessary. This implies a continuous iterative development process.

Our Services

Apple Vision’s well-proven approach focuses on creating an environment that enables the organizations and their staff to strive and excel. This is achieved by strengthening the organizational capacity, advising on guidelines and legal frameworks, building links between stakeholders, and clarifying roles and responsibilities.

Benefits of Our Services to Clients

Apple Vision’s services for institutional strengthening enable clients to enhance the capability of their organizations and to optimize their performance. A tailor-made strengthening program supports organizations in defining and implementing the following goals:

  • Acting in accordance with the environment
  • Convincing clients of the benefit of the services
  • Achieving goals with a minimum of resources
  • Promoting resilience
  • Adjusting to changing parameters

Depending on the results of the assessment of the current situation, Apple Vision’s experts may provide recommendations on one or more of the following topics:

  • Organizational improvements of investment planning and of operation and maintenance procedures.
  • Implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems.
  • Implementation of management information systems.
  • Development of appropriate organizational structures.
  • Enhancement of managerial skills and training programs.
  • Promoting public awareness campaigns.
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