Investment Consulting

The current investment environment requires fiduciaries to exercise its responsibilities with the utmost diligence.  New regulations, proliferation of complex strategies, and the growing need for fee transparency make proper investment monitoring and consulting very essential. Apple Vision provides innovative solutions and proper performance management and reporting across a complete range of plan and asset categories.

Apple Vision consultants are experts in all forms of investment management analysis, portfolio development and performance monitoring. We provide objective and unbiased investment consulting advice. We deliver concise, action oriented solutions, that help trustees and plan sponsors create investment policies, select investment managers, allocate assets, manage risks, and evaluate performance in accordance to the highest industry standards.

Our team of investment consultants continuously assesses current trends and how these changes impact investors. Apple Vision works as an investment fiduciary and as a portfolio advisor.

Our investment fiduciary services

Apple Vision works as an investment fiduciary with respect to the selection and monitoring of investments in your plan. We focus in five areas to ensure you have the right information and advice. These include:-

  • Establishment of investment objectives. We define the risk tolerance and set return objectives.
  • Investment policy. We establish an investment policy depending on the set objectives.
  • Select investment assets. We examine and confirm or change the investment structure.
  • On-going due diligence. We do on-going and manager monitoring, risk statistics, attribution analysis and market overviews.
  • Custom model portfolios. We develop custom model portfolios from the core investment options.


Our portfolio advisory services

Apple Vision offers fully bundled and discretionary investment management solutions that comprise of:-

  • Manager selection and monitoring
  • Strategic asset allocation and rebalancing
  • Liability driven investment management
  • Custodian and trustee services
  • Coordination with paying agents
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