Transaction Advisory & Due Diligence Analyses

Any major investment decision on either a Greenfield or brownfield site requires a thorough analysis of complex issues, such as capital investment, operational expenditure, commercial, contractual and regulatory aspects. Furthermore, environmental performance as well as efficiency and dependability of related supply chains are important criteria for investment decisions.

Clients interested in transactions will require proper analyses of these issues to safeguard the continuity and sustainability of their potential investments.

Our Services

Apple Vision supports vendors and investors during the divestiture/acquisition phase by assessing the value, inherent strengths and associated risks of the assets in question. Apple Vision also supports clients in the post-acquisition process to make the most of their interests regarding agreed services and warranties.

Benefits of Our Services to Clients

Apple Vision tailors its due diligence analyses to individual needs and objectives of clients, be it vendors, buyers or financiers. Apple Vision’s employees have comprehensive, project-based competence for conducting technical, environmental, commercial, financial and legal due diligence activities. This puts Apple Vision in a position to quickly understand the big picture and to work seamlessly with other due diligence advisors.

Apple Vision supplements its’ own pool of experts with a network of competent due diligence advisors on an as-needed basis and capitalizes on Apple Vision’s of in-depth expertise in the business areas of Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Mining, Energy & Climate Protection, Water & Environment, Transportation & Structures, and Food & Beverages industry.

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