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Apple Vision limited

Benard Osiron founded Apple Vision limited, a multi-disciplinary    consulting and engineering registered company in Uganda. The company comprises of a group of consulting engineers, chemists, pharmacists, researchers, planners, architects, surveyors, and other technical consultants organized to deliver value and excellence. We provide integrated and innovative consulting and engineering services with a strategic eye for sustainability across all industries and sectors. We are professional experts who are well acquainted with modern tools for business consulting, civil engineering works, chemistry and chemical engineering works, electrical and mechanical works, design, architecture, surveying, events planning and management, project management and trainings, operational excellence, basic and applied research, and general supplies.

Apple Vision is anchored on the frameworks provided by the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Uganda Vision 2040. Apple Vision helps clients in the Manufacturing Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Mining Industry, Building, Transportation and Urban Spaces, Energy and Climate Protection, and Water and Environment sectors to reach their ambitious goals by:

Apple Vision is committed to attaining the highest standard of client satisfaction and to maintaining long-term business relations with its clients.

Apple Vision limited is also committed to work together with local authorities, institutions, and non-governmental organizations, and to build and sustain inherent relationships among employees, financiers, customers, suppliers, manufacturers, and surrounding communities. The management of Apple Vision limited is responsible for installing sustainable operations in accordance with approved policies and procedures of the company.

Moreover, Apple Vision limited is committed to operate and adhere to the terms and conditions of accrediting organizations and putting at the forefront the professional code of conduct and integrity. The company abides by the laws of the Republic of Uganda, the World Bank, and other international authorities.


At Apple Vision, we create and deliver affordable innovative solutions of value in improving life and promoting green sustainability across all industries and sectors


At Apple Vision, our passion is to become the leading center of excellence in promoting high quality life and green sustainability, through consulting and engineering in Africa.
Core Values

What We Believe In


Achieving superior quality standards in professional conduct, aims, and qualities of our delivery process and results.

Team Work

Embracing diversity and working together to achieve a common goal.

Customer focus

Listening to customers and satisfying their needs.


Delivering value adding and innovative solutions for excellence.


Defining quality from a customer perspective and creating customer value.


Achieving excellence through quality and value creation.

Apple Vision Ltd

Company Objectives

Value Proposition Statement

At Apple Vision limited, our innovative solutions promote high quality, low operational costs, faster delivery time, flexibility, compliant, and self-sustaining operations for start-ups and established businesses, and government and non-government agencies who want to become profitable, grow, overcome competition, and sustain their business operations. Integrating our services into your operations will make your organization or business to become profitable and a market leader for a long time.

Company Policies

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